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22% of American households, about 60.6 million working people, have family members who speak English not very well, or not at all.

Now, everyone who has a need to speak accurate and fluent English can access English speech training online.


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Own Smart

Conversation Space, our natural language mobile app in development, engages people interactively with a Conversation Engine that recognizes speech and can respond with voice, video, or animated corrective feedback.

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Businesses depend on good verbal communication, and every employee can benefit from English language speech training. Online interactive videos and personal speech trainers will make a difference to people everywhere who have an economic imperative to speak English at a professional or technical level.


Speech Training

Conversation Space personal speech trainers are available via Skype. Businesses and individuals can purchase time for phonetic evaluations, personalized coaching, for rehearsing an interview for college or employment, or for mastery of professional sales scripts and technical vocabularies.

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